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b19dc7fe-944e-4799-8412-fbaa63453ad3.jpgHi and welcome to my blog. I have been a Reformed Christian since I was 7(2011). I am in the 9th grade doing an online home school curriculum, The Ron Paul Curriculum (R.P.C.). Writing essays is lots of fun and I am going to be putting the essays from my school on this site. If you have any comments or suggestions, please post them.

I like playing baseball, basketball, soccer, and especially hockey. I also like drawing and painting PaintSketch, German Shepherds, and much more. We have a family German Shepherd dog business: Festeburg

Have a good day, Jonathan Taylor

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Essays | Scribbles | Writing | Stories | Rambles

School Essays

I'm starting homeschooling with the Ron Paul Curiculum and part of that includes posting essays to this site.


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The Scribbles of a Homeschooler

Believe in yourself and what you do!

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Born to be wild!-A homeschool blogger.

Foxolotl Life

This is where I post essays and projects for Ron Paul Curriculum. I'm homeschooled and I like foxes, axolotls, wolves and pandas.

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Remade, Redesigned, Remastered

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A guide for all aviators to build on their knowledge.

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The great pictures of RPC homeschoolers all around north America!

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