The Christian Perspective on COVID-19

Here are some sound resources to help you get a biblical perspective on this crisis:

An interview with John MacArthur on this:

The Coronavirus and Christ Audiobook by John Piper:

That should be enough to start with, and there are many more articles on those sites. During this time we should remember that God is sovereign and there is no maverick virus. And, we can be thankful that it is not anywhere near the mortality rate of the Black Death where one third of the known world’s population died! Also remember that maybe this will make home-schooling more favorable as we can keep doing school while all the other kids can’t!

So, please watch/listen to the videos(the audiobook is 2 hours long, but if you have the time it is really good!). Oh, and remember to wash your hands!


4 thoughts on “The Christian Perspective on COVID-19

  1. OK! I won’t wash my hands.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Anything from these two Johns are worth listening to xD


  3. “During this time we should remember that God is sovereign…”


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